Casting Stones ruins Barbecues…

…but it makes for great books!  Author Gina Barlean’s back from her snake-charming/fighting duties.  Yippee!  If you missed out on the first part of her interview, scroll down or click HERE to read it.  I saved the writing questions for last…so let’s get down to business, in case another snake sneaks in and tries to steal her away.  

Do you have a favorite character you have written? 

Frank.  He’s a character in my upcoming book, Dead Blow.  He’s an old drunk.  He only has a small presence in the book, but I think he’s a hoot.  In Recipes For Revenge, the character that I really like is Big Dan Tanner.  I really like him and want to do a sequel with him because I like his personality.  Yet another book I have begun has a character who goes by the name, Jelly.  He is extremely quirky and peculiar and I really like him a lot.

These do sound like ‘characters.’  I’m excited to read about them.  Now, to test your writer skills, sum up a main character of yours in 5 words.

Well, the book I’m working on right now is Dead Blow.  The main character is Elaine Marshall.  In 5 words:  twitch, tense, repressed, confused, damaged.

Oh, boy!  She sounds like she’ll have enough problems to keep a story rolling.  What else are you currently working on with your writing?  

I’m working on the last corrections for two books:  Recipes For Revenge – A Four Course Novel, and Dead Blow.  Once these books are finished, edited, and published, I’d like to focus on finishing writing a novel I started last year, A Different Kind of Cat.  Then I have a few ideas I’ve outlined that I’d like to get going on.  One I’m really wishing I could just start writing is a story about an Auction and an item someone buys that comes with a spirit, which will lead the buyer on an adventure.  I haven’t written a word of it, but I like the concept and I go to auctions a lot, so every time I’m at one I get the urge to write this story.

Well, get going on that auction one!  It sounds intriguing.  I can’t wait for Recipes for Revenge.  The cover cracks me up since I have a Betty Crocker cookbook that looks a lot like it (but without the blood).   Tell us about your current book.  

Casting Stones is a 3 part series, which includes a short story: Prelude – Casting StonesCasting Stones the novel, and Conclusions.  This is a story about a farm boy who grew up in Missouri in the ’20s.  He married his sweetheart and lost her.  Then he found himself trapped in a loveless marriage with a woman who pits their son again the son he had with his first wife.  Many mistakes lead him to a life of suffering and loss.  He is saved in the end, but there is blood on his hands and a secret to bury in the Loess Hills of Missouri.  All of these books are available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobel and Smashwords.  I have also just put out the book Casting Stones, New Unabridged Version.  This contains all three stories in one book.  It is the best buy for the money and can only be purchased on

To conclude, can you tell my readers why they should read your book? 

I think you should read my book because it is thought provoking, has well developed characters people can relate to, and it will elicit many emotions.  I also believe my book is a fast paced and an intense read.

I’ll attest to that!  I couldn’t put it down…and when I was done, I thought about it for days.  

It’s been great chatting with you, Gina.  Thanks for stopping in and enduring my grilling (questions…not burgers.  We’ll save the barbecue for another day…although, going from your cover of Recipes for Revenge, I’m going to be leery of anything you bring.  Just saying).


P.S.  Click here to visit GINA’S WEBSITE or to take a look at her BOOK ON AMAZON.COM

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