Before the Fortress Falls

Do you want to learn about a unique piece of history you’ve probably never heart of before? If so, you should pick up one of AL Soward’s book. She excels at teaching me about those type of historical events.

Her newest one is a historical fiction set in the 1600’s and tells the story of the siege of Vienna by the Ottoman Turks. Greatly outnumbered, the small band of Vienna’s soldiers hold the bastions against 100,000 to 300,000 Turks who are determined to annihilate the infidel Christians. This is fascinating history I’ve never heard about before (one reason I always love this author’s books). The type of warfare described intrigued me. There was the above ground battle with cannons and muskets and an underground war with miners and counterminers, digging tunnels to try to get under their defensive buildings and blast the foundations out from under them, giving the Turks ways to infiltrate closer to the city.

Katya and Toby and Xavier and Wilhelm are some of the characters we meet in this story, which had everything I love in a book—thrilling battle scenes, serious emotional appeal, a unique setting and people, and even a little romance. This book really tugged at my heart, making me feel the fear, the anxiety, the hopelessness and triumph through each battle scene and conflict. I was right there with the characters, worrying each day that today would be the last day of freedom, praying that their allies would show up to deliver them from annihilation and slavery. Loved this book. The ending really packed an emotional punch that made the harrowing conflict worth it. If you want to learn about a new piece of history you’ve probably never read about before, this book should be put on your must-read list.

You can grab this one HERE.

Happy reading!