Leap Foods

April-May 057I’m leaping for joy…because it’s LEAP day.  I can only officially Leap every four years, so I make the most of it when it comes around.  And to top it off (like cherry and chocolate on a sundae), I’ve been given the ABC Award by Carrie at The Write Transition.  Thanks, Carrie.

For the Awesome Blog Content Award, I have to run through my ABC’s to make sure I still know them (it’s been a while since I graduated Kindergarten), and then give the award to 6 deserving blogs.  So wish me luck.  I might be a little rusty on my XYZ’s.

My alphabet is supposed to be about me, so I’m writing down foods that make me LEAP for joy.  Imagine me jumping like my son and daughter as you read each food item. Continue reading

I blame it all on Orange Chicken

English: Orange chicken. Photographed in Oakla...

Opening sentences in any piece of writing should be snazzy, jazzy…and just plain awesome!  Not that this one is, but I’m writing this after doing the exercise below, and my brain is tired and sluggish.

I came across this contest at TheAccidentalNovelist where you had to come up with 50 first liners for a story.  I did it (that’s why I’m worn out–it’s a lot harder than it sounds) and entered the contest, which ended last night.   I’m sorry I didn’t find it sooner so I could send more traffic to the site, but the good news is that the contest isn’t done.  Even if you missed out on the first round, you can still check in at TheAccidentalNovelist on Wednesday and enter the next round of fun and maybe earn points and win a prize.  Yea!

Here are my 5 opening sentences I entered: Continue reading

Visiting Arches: Arch Enemy #1

Christina 5-3-09 061Arches National Park is a great place to go when the mountains are still covered in snow and ice. This red, arid desert just outside of Moab, Utah is amazing.

Here you will find odd shaped sandstone formations, fins, pinnacles, spires, balanced rocks and, or course…arches (duh)—it has over 2,000 of them.

We met some relatives here for spring break a couple years ago. Having left a relatively warm Idaho, we expected nice warm weather farther south…but that’s not what we got. Continue reading

Angels in our Lives: Giggling Grandma

smell rosesI thought I’d do a series on inspirational people who have overcome trials—or are enduring them day to day—with a smile on their face.  These ANGELS make life easier for us.  Instead of griping about their trials or thorns in their flesh, they reach out to others to lift them up to God.  That’s why they’re angels.

Today’s angel is my Grandma.  When I was little, I took my grandma for granted; I didn’t realize then that she was an angel.  When we’d visit, I’d quickly kiss her, then find my cousins and dash off to the mountain to climb or go play in the barn.  The adults sat inside and visited…boring.

I got hurt a lot as a kid—scraped knees, elbows, burnt fingers from exploding cap guns, a bee sting to my toe.  It didn’t matter how I got hurt, grandma would always giggle as she made me better.  It baffled me as a kid.  Why did she think it was funny when I got hurt? Continue reading

Knick Knack Paddywhack

Ginger’s excited today.  This holiday is one she awaits eagerly each year (starting this year, because it’s the first I found out about it and told her; but now that she knows, I know she’s already counting down to next year).

What holiday is so exciting, you might ask, that a dog would nudge one of her people siblings off the computer to post on Facebook about it?

Well, I’ll tell you, but it’s definitely for the dogs.


If you have a dog, like I do, then give them an extra treat today.  They’ll appreciate it.  The holiday promises this. Continue reading

George Washington: Precedent Setting President

President’s Day was earlier this week, but today’s the legitimate day George Washington was born and graced the earth with his presence.  George Washington is my hero!  This man was filled with courage, integrity, and wisdom.

Washington was Commander in Chief of the Continental Army for 8 years as the struggling American colonies fought England and its allies from 1775-1783.  The hardships he faced during those years were daunting.  It was truly a miracle we won. Continue reading

Bent Wrists Lesson 8: Cure for Writer’s Block

Image (2)No matter how much you love to write, there is a disease prone to writers that can bring you to a halting stop just as much as a broken wrist.  It isn’t pneumonia…nor is it whooping cough or measles.  The dreaded disease that writers are susceptible to is called Writingmeningitis-rheuma-icky.  Most people know this dreaded 27 letter disease better as WRITER’S BLOCK.

The disease attacks subtly at first.  Symptoms might look like this:  You pull out your laptop to write the next J.K. Rowlings type masterpiece that will make you millions, and you type:

“Once upon a time there was a boy named Larry Hotter…”

And that stupid pause where the ellipsis leaves off is when the disease kicks in and whacks you where it counts—the brain!  Writer’s Block attacks Continue reading

Unbroken…so let me into the Club

Have you ever read something so FANTASTIC that you kept putting the book down and saying, “NO WAY!”  And then a few minutes later, you repeat the thought as you read a little further:  “NO DARN WAY!”

That’s what happened to me when I read Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand.  This book was an incredible tale of one man’s struggles against daunting odds time and time…and time and time again.

If you’ve ever seen Brian Regan’s skit about the man walking on the moon topping everyone else’s stories at a party, you’ll understand this next part.  Watch it if you haven’t seen it.  It’s funny!

YouTube Video–Brian Regan ‘I Walked on the Moon’

You can go elsewhere to read a normal review, but for mine I’m going to do a Continue reading

The Magical Box

Growing up, my mom’s closet was full of boxes—orange & apple boxes, falling apart boxes…and a magical box.  The magical box didn’t look special, except that it had circulation holes in it (I think it had once been an orange box).  It was filled with old, unwanted toys my mom had grabbed from our rooms.

Amazingly, after a month or two in that box, all those stashed away junk toys became the objects of our desire.  Magic!

I remember sneaking peeks with my brothers and sisters to see feet, eyes, wheels or fur of some toy through the holes of that charmed box.  We’d sigh as we glimpsed those ‘treasures’ and wish we could get them out to play with again.

Time passed and those boxed-up toys became our obsession.  We would beg Mom to please, please, PLEASE get those amazing toys out of that box.  Life would not be fun until we could play with them…like in the good old days. Continue reading

Bent Wrists Lesson 7: Weed Your Words

weedingIt’s getting close to that time of year—Spring—when the war begins.  You know what war I’m talking about, don’t you?  The war against weeds!

I despise weeds—especially the thorny spidery ones I can never pull out without leaving the dang root in the ground.  I don’t know what they’re called (I call them all sorts of names in my head—devil weeds, sarlaac weeds—after that scary monster in Star Wars).  Weeds make my yard look atrocious…and if you don’t fight them, they take over and eventually swallow your house and yard whole (like the Sarlaac)!  Don’t underestimate them.

It’s the same with writing!  Just like weeds clutter a yard, Continue reading