Highway to Visualization

file2431291017257My fourth book is done and going through the final stage of polish and makeup. It’s getting a final edit and a glamorous cover so it shines. I’m super excited for you to read it in September. My characters in this one have really come to life.

In honor of my new title–Between Hope and the Highway–I thought I’d take you down the highway I take to visualize characters, scenes, and cover. This highway has lots of routes and learning curves, but I’ve found it so vital to writing believable scenes and characters. Continue reading

Heir of Brownlie Manor

The Heir Brownlie Manor BannerI read another great book this week. This one is set in 1808 in England. Thomas has just returned from serving in the Napoleonic wars and is haunted by what he has witnessed the last three years. As he is out in the garden, a rare blue butterfly (see the cover) lands close by and the gardeners tell him something good will come his way soon.

Days later, when his butler comes to him asking for help for his niece who is in a bad spot, Thomas decides to help. When he meets Ruth, she is not what he expects though, and he wonders Continue reading

Another Great Read

peelThis past week has been an adventure. I had surgery on my hip and so have had some down time. Here’s a great book I read while I was sitting back with my legs up. It’s by one of my favorite authors. I’ve loved all the Women of Merryton books that Jennifer Peel has written, but this one had some extra chemistry or magic mojo that made me really connect with the characters. I loved it.

Rachel Laine was a minor side character in the other books, but I could tell she was special and was excited when she became the heroine in this one. Rachel’s wild twin sister, Sydney, died in childbirth at age 21 and Rachel stepped in to raise her child as her own. For eight years, she has loved Drew with all her heart and been the best mother possible to him. She really is the cutest mother ever. Continue reading