Modern twist on The Hunchback

I try not to self-promote my own books very often here, but I haven’t given a shout-out to my own book that came out a few months ago. And it deserves a little love. So bear with me while I talk about it for a moment.


There’s been a mistake.

She expected a raise—
Not a termination notice.

Gemma might be a bit unorthodox, but she never imagined her work ethic would be questioned. Her blunt nature, maybe. Her false identity, sure. But her excellence? How far will she go to save what’s rightly hers?

Lincoln never makes mistakes. . . until Gemma enters his life. Now, he can’t decide whether she will help him solve all his problems…or complicate them.

A promising meeting leads to a fake engagement, which sparks reluctant attraction.

Will ruse turn to romance?

It might not matter. . .
Because Gemma’s past is about to catch up to her.

Can their fragile love survive?

My thoughts

This story took me way longer than any other book to publish because I had the rough draft done and then somehow wiped it off my harddrive and couldn’t find a backup anywhere. Believe me. I tried for months to retrieve it. So…I had to start from scratch again…which was so demoralizing.

But yea! I slowly struggled to get it written again (and it is MUCH different than the original) and wa-lah! it is now ready for some reader love. This book delves into the sensitive subject of prejudice through the eyes of Saemira (Gemma), who is half-Roma (called a gypsy by those using derogative terms) and how she views those above her in life. I tried to show how easy it is for anybody (those on top and those on the bottom) to be prejudice against those that are different than them.

It’s a modern-day twist on the Hunchback of Notre Dame story, with a Quasimodo-type side character that will pull at your heart strings. Saemira (Gemma) is a strong, lovable heroine that I had a blast writing. She’s so cool! And Lincoln. Sigh. Be still my heart. He takes a minute to grow on you, but then when you see into his heart…it is a beautiful place you want to curl up next to and hibernate for the winter with him. Ha ha.

Anyway, take a chance on this book. I believe you won’t regret it.

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Happy reading!