2 Years of Memories

Two years ago today, I started this blog. I would say I deserve some chocolate to celebrate, but I already have too much (thanks to my kids who know me well and tried to outdo each other in pleasing me this Christmas). So instead of feasting on food, I’ll feast on blogging memories.

I started out with a BANG–posting a couple times a day for the first few days to fill up my blog so it didn’t look empty. I’m awed at my writing endurance back then. Whew! It makes me tired just reading back through everything.

In the beginning, I was very idealistic. I thought it would be easy to post daily, but learned very quickly that it’s not. Blogging is rewarding, but it Continue reading

Some of my favorite things

Hoar frost

Hoar frost – Germany (credit: Wikipedia)

I hope your December has been awesome. Mine has been busy with concerts, a surgery for my daughter, an open house for my other daughter and her new husband, Christmas baking, visiting, and shopping. It’s been fun and festive, and has made me think of some of my favorite things (just saying ‘my favorite things’ makes me want to sing: ‘bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, brown paper packages tied up with strings.’ I love The Sound of Music).

Some of my favorite things at this time of year are: Continue reading

The Spirit of Christmas

I love the message depicted in this children’s book. Thomas S. Monson recounts a Christmas memory from his childhood. As a boy, he yearned for an electric train. On Christmas morning, he got exactly what he wanted. But then he noticed a second train his mother had purchased for the boy down the street whose family was struggling. Although it was only a wind-up train, it had a beautiful oil tanker car which little Tommy wanted for his own. Soon after, Tommy s mother invited him to accompany her to the neighbor s home to deliver the gift. Young Mark was thrilled with his new train and, of course, didn’t notice the missing oil tanker. However, a remorseful Tommy did.

What happened next will bring the spirit of Christmas into every heart and home that reads this story. I love books like this Continue reading

Rebels with a cause

I’m joining in on the blog tour for Rebels by Scott and Judith Powell. This alternate history book written in first person narrative follows life in a New America as John Hancock Bates struggles to survive. Here’s the blurb:

The world is on fire. From the ashes like a phoenix rises a new America, one that will save it all. Under one condition; absolute and complete surrender.

The world complies without question. Those who don’t are destroyed. It is in this world, John is born. His very name is treason.

If the New America, now known to everyone as the State, knew what John was, they’d kill him, but instead they give him a gift. Continue reading

Laugh your head off with Studio C

Hopefully Captain Literally won’t come and restore balance because of my title, but I couldn’t help it. I’m excited to be do a shout out for one of my favorite comedy groups–Studio C.

Studio C is a hit sketch comedy series that the whole family can enjoy. Like the popular TV show Saturday Night Live, the cast performs original sketches that parody American culture and the hilariously awkward moments of everyday life; but with a refreshingly wholesome yet hilarious spin.

I just received Seasons 1 and 2, and my family spent the Thanksgiving holiday watching both DVDs and laughing so hard that milk came out our nose (well, at least my son’s nose. I know better than to drink milk when I watch funny skits). Continue reading

Rainy Day Blessings

Hi! My name’s Char in case you’ve forgotten. I know I haven’t posted for a while…but I thought I deserved a little break since my daughter got married last month in another state and I was a little stretched for time. But now the stress is mostly over. The wedding went off without too many hiccups, my daughter was a happy bride, and I love my new son-in-law. Here are pictures of the happy couple.

credit: Luminosity Photography

Yes, it rained for her wedding day, but I thought these pictures turned out spectacular because of that. There’s always a little blessing in life’s challenges. Continue reading