Stupid is as Stupid does

Have you ever wondered why pigs’ tails are curly?  And why are those delicious round candies called M&Ms instead of C&Cs? They’re chocolate candy, right?  Both words start with C’s, not M’s.

Has anyone ever asked you a stupid question?  My mom told me there was no such thing as a stupid question. Forest Gump said, “Stupid is as Stupid does.” But sometimes I wonder! Continue reading

Author Interview: Linda Weaver Clarke

Time for another author interview. Linda Weaver Clarke is here today at my blog (in spirit). Let’s get started, shall we? Tell us a little about yourself.

I travel throughout the U.S. teaching a Family Legacy Workshop, encouraging people to write their family history and autobiography. I have gone to 16 states and given over 300 workshops. I’m the author of five historical “sweet” romances, four mystery/adventure novels and two non-fiction e-books.

Wow! You’re an accomplished lady. Tell my readers about your latest book. Continue reading

Don’t forget the papyrus

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I wonder when string tied around a finger began symbolizing a need to remember something. Maybe it started way back in Egyptian times when some queen took a piece of papyrus and tied it around her little finger as an ornament. Some scribe happened to see her and PING!…

…The light in his head went off, and he suddenly remembered that he had forgotten to take the papyrus pulp out of the water where it was soaking to make parchment for the pharaoh.

He ran back to the Nile and Continue reading

Look Up!

P1010478Fall weather is the best. The temperatures are cooler and all the trees and plants put their energy into one last dazzling show before winter. It’s the perfect time to hike.  As a kid, my dad took us on random hikes all the time.  Some were half hour jaunts at Red Rock Canyon, where we did more climbing than hiking. Some were long—half a day or more.  When we visited my grandparents in southern Utah, we’d hike trails in Zion National Park (heaven on Earth).

To some, hiking might seem the epitome of pointlessness.  Why work so hard to get up to a ridge, just to come down again? And your feet hurt! If you feel that way, maybe you just haven’t gone on the right hikes…or gone prepared with the right equipment and attitude. Continue reading

My life’s not going to the dogs

My dog, Ginger, is the smartest, sweetest, saintly dog alive!  She’s also the stupidest!

Whenever we start to believe she’s a brainiac because she picks up on when we change shoes (which means it’s walk time), or when she perks her ears up and stands and starts stretching when someone happens to say the word WALK, or knows it’s time to go get the mail because my husband leaves his office and walks to the front door at 3 pm, we usually can be relieved of our fear that she’s going to take over the earth like the monkeys did on Planet of the Apes by just pulling out a simple flashlight. Continue reading