Remembering Jamie

This is the final book in this amazing series, and I loved-loved it! If you haven’t started this series, please correct that error. LOL. I’m betting you will love it!

Kieran, our tortured soul side character in the other books, has been devastated by the loss of his wife for over six years. Now, in this heart-tugging story, he gets his turn to shine.

Jamie—Miss Fyffe as she knows herself now after having amnesia for the last six years after a shipwreck—is dumped unceremoniously into a Scottish estate by her chaperones and left there alone at the beginning of this book. She once again meets the despicable Kieran, who wasn’t there to help her family so many years ago when they needed him—after they had helped him. The same despicable, handsome man who calls her Jamie and acts like he knows her. But the Jamie he and the Brotherhood of the Black Tartan club talk about is nothing like the girl she is now. The only girl she remembers.

Oh, my, I don’t want to give anything away in this book, but be warned it will unleash all your angsty emotions, even if you bury them deep. This book about coming to know oneself made me cry, laugh, and cry once more. There’s a lot of crying as you try to figure out Jamie’s life with her—who she really is—what she wants now instead of being told what she wanted in the past. It’s a gripping romance with all the feels. I loved-loved-loved the characters, and the story was super well done. This might have been my favorite in the series, although I loved-loved them all, so I hate to even say that. It’s a fantastic series. Every. Single. Book.

The end.

Ha ha. But for real. Here’s Nichole Van’s page so you can get this book (or Book 1 if you haven’t started the series yet).

Happy reading!!!