Red Queen – Riveting!

I have a fun, thrilling, heart-stopping dystopian-fantasy read for you today. It was suggested for my book group a couple months ago. Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard was crazy intense!

Mare Barrow is a Red, meaning she has red blood. But the Silvers are the ruling elite (they have silver blood, and fantastic powers which make them stronger than the normal Reds). But when Mare discovers her own special ability, in front of the Court of the Silver King, her life changes big time. She suddenly has two Silver princes vying for her attention–Cal, the crown prince, and Maven, the second-born son, who wins her trust.

The kicker–if she makes one wrong step, the Silvers will kill her to hide her secret.

This story has amazing character development and shocking plot twists. It delves into the corruptive influence of power. I was quite shocked by all that happened. I went through all the emotions—some major rough ones. It’s well written and seems to be leading to an intense confrontation in the next book. Can’t wait to read all about it.

Some fun quotes

Maven lets me think, his eyes thoughtful as he watches the emotions rise in my face. He always lets me think. Sometimes his silence is better than anyone else’s words.

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

They’ve spent so long at the top, protected and isolated, that they’ve forgotten they can fall. Their strength has become their weakness.

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

So if you are in need of a book that gets your heart working again, you have options now. 🙂

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Happy reading.