True of Heart

This book by Martha Keyes really surprised me in the best of ways. I was expecting just another blah kind of Regency story (don’t get me wrong, I often love these, but they are very similar and hardly ever surprise me), but this one was unique.

It’s a retelling of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and was super riveting. I read it in one day (which I hardly ever do with Regency stories). This had everything I love in a romance—great characters with depth, twists and turns I didn’t see coming, and swoony romance (duh! Ha ha).

I loved Ruth, who ends up dressing up like a man to play a part a rich viscount expects when her brother doesn’t show up for the necessary appointment. And as she passes out love advice to a tongue-tied viscount (Philip), she starts falling for the man she’s helping to woo another woman, a woman who is so much more than she could ever be by birth and station.

Anyway, this is a great one. I really was surprised by how much I enjoyed this story and will check out more of Ms. Keyes books in the future.

If you want to check this one out, here’s the LINK.

Happy reading!