Scrabble my Brain during April Showers

Guess what? I’m doing the A to Z Challenge starting next week. Kindergarten is far behind me, and I thought a little brush up on my alphabet skills might be in order (especially since I’m a writer).

I also have a hard time passing up a challenge. Have I ever mentioned I’m a little competitive? It’s a flaw. When my husband and I first got married, we played Scrabble to decide who had to do dishes. It became quite intense, with 30 min turns as I tried to beat him (I hate dishes). Anyway, I didn’t like to lose…so after a few months Continue reading

Stirring the Imagination

As a writer, I am always trying to stir my imagination so the good stuff comes to the top. One simple way to do this is by connecting with my inner child. Children’s books can be a great escape and a fantastic way to rejuvenate a weary, stressed out adult-mind. C. S. Lewis said:

“No book is really worth reading at the age of ten which is not equally – and often far more – worth reading at the age of fifty and beyond.”

One of the first books that stirred my imagination was McElligot’s Pool by Dr. Seuss. I can still remember how that book awakened my creativity with its fantastic imaginary fish. I checked it out from my library countless times. I own it now, and still am awed by the pure imagination painted upon each page. It’s magical.

There are so many great children’s books. I love the funny rhyming poems of Jack Prelutzky and Shel Silverstein. Continue reading

Changing Boundaries with The Charge

 photo 1f05a5bc-4ea0-4fe5-8c0b-f9f487086b90_zpsf1319e8a.jpg

Have you ever wondered about what might have been if certain scenes in history had gone a little differently? Today Sharon Bayliss is here to give us an alternate history lesson based on her new book, The Charge. Without further ado, I’ll let her take Charge (ha ha).

* * * * * * * * * * *

A big thank you to Charissa for welcoming me to her blog and for her great review of The Charge! Since she’s from the Continue reading

Weed Your Words

CharI’m guest posting today at Rebecca Belliston’s March Book Madness.  Dribble on over to her site to read what I have to lay up about Weeding Your Words. You’ll score a three-pointer if you do. Okay…enough of the basketball lingo. Back to weeds…in honor of spring. In my post, I will introduce several literary weeds and show you how to eradicate them from your writing. Happy weeding.


Magic in a Moment

P1030971Life is made up of moments…lots of them. We flit about like bees (if bees flit) from one activity to the next…but how many of these moments are magical to us?

Today I have a guest poem by my friend’s daughter, Gabbi. I love this poem’s message. When I read it, it touched me a lot, and I wanted to share. Gabbi hit the truth right on the crayon’s head!

Read it and see if you agree.

*** Continue reading