Simply Anna

Simply Anna BannerTime for another book shout-out. When the chance to read and review Simply Anna by Jennifer Moore came, I jumped on it. Everything I’ve read by this author has been amazing. She writes great historical fiction. This romance set on a Jamaican sugar plantation in the 1800’s starts off with a splash…literally. Anna falls overboard in a storm somewhere near Jamaica. When she washes ashore Continue reading

Culture Shock

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESMy daughter returned from South Korea last month. She served a mission for our church there for 19 months. It’s been nice to have her home again (even if she must now leave again for college). She has made me laugh at how shocked she’s been by everything here in the U.S. after being away for so long.

She thought it was cold here when she walked out of the airport. The temperature was in the high 90’s. But she left a Seoul summer which was maybe the same temperature, but extremely high humidity. She said she was soaking wet all the time and none of her clothes ever dried out. It’s dry here too, which is Continue reading