Happy Halloween and Nevada Day!

P1010928Just wanted to wish everyone a fun, candy-filled Halloween and Nevada Day. Nevada has the coolest State birthday EVER! I’m making pumpkin soup right now (it’s my favorite Halloween tradition…as well as Nevada Day tradition and every other week tradition because it is so yummy. Click HERE for the recipe. You’ll like it if you like pumpkin and bacon).

Ginger is moping at my feet because I didn’t give her a taste of the crunchy delicious bacon. Maybe I’ll give her one since she’s a native Nevadan like me. There you go, girl. Now stop biting at your pumpkin costume!

Since I need to get this soup ready before my family takes off in different Halloweeny Continue reading

How to Unsell yourself–Lesson 2

I want out 1971

I want out 1971 (Photo credit: Thierry Bonzon)

Are you ready for your next lesson? Hopefully, you’ve internalized the MOM RULE! If you want to UNSELL yourself, then don’t tell your Mom what you do. She’ll brag and sell you to fame. That’s not what we want to do. We want to be unknown, unsellable, and overlooked.

Rule #2 for unselling yourself is:

Don’t enter contests

Contests are bad! They put your creative work in the limelight to be judged and noticed by others. You don’t want to do that. Continue reading

How to UNSELL yourself–Lesson 1

Image via Stock.xchng.com

Most people write books, give lectures and training on how to SELL yourself.  But I offer you lessons of a different kind. Write what you know…the experts say. So that’s what I aim to do.

I’m a writer…not a salesman. That means that I love writing, but do not like selling things. Even if I wrote a story as great as JK Rowling or CS Lewis, I would not sell it to my next door neighbor, let alone the whole world.

I am an expert at unselling myself. It’s something I do quite well. That’s why Continue reading

Honey…kill the rooster!

I love the day and age I live in.  Sometimes I read a story set in the past and think, “Ahh, that would be so nice and simple to have lived back then.”  But then I think a little deeper, and get scared and change my mind.

“No!  Don’t let an EMP go off and take all my electricity away!  I like electricity and all the fancy gadgets that utilize its invisible force.”  

Today I’m going to post a DAY IN THE LIFE OF LILLY MAE from way back when. It should help you appreciate a little more what you have in our modern world. Take it away, Lilly Mae.

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Yes, I’ve got a sweet tooth

I like sweet things…if you haven’t noticed yet.  I’ve posted about Ormie and his quest for Chocolate Chip Cookies. I’ve posted a tribute to candy, and I seem to have a knack of twisting any blog post in a sweet direction (or can blame some of my readers for this since they remind me of Sugar in their comments; Shame on you!)

This is probably why Asha awarded me with the Super-Sweet Blogging Award last month. Unlike a lot of other awards…I kind of feel I deserve this one for my sweet tooth alone. Thanks, Asha, for passing along the good stuff! Continue reading


scouts tuba 029My 12-year-old son changed instruments this year. He used to play the trumpet…but now is a mighty TUBA player. That ranks right up there next to Jedi Master!

To mix up my posts and give the WordPress Writing Challenge a whirl, I thought I’d do a poem in honor of my son and my new made-up Holiday…


Sit back, close your eyes (except when you have to open them to read this Tuba-licious poem), and enjoy the power of rhyme…and tubas. Continue reading