Saying goodbye to Summer


This is my sentimental ode to Summer (and my subtle slam to winter). Hope you enjoy.

                               Oh, Summer

                   Why did you go by so fast?

I looked out one day and you hit me with a blast

         But then I blinked, and you were gone

                    Just like my favorite song.


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Life and Living

virgin river familyWhen we were little, it didn’t take much to excite the kids in my family. All my dad had to do was throw us in the car and drive a half hour away and let us climb and hike…and we were happy. Even just a walk down the block from Grandma’s to the river to wade in the muddy water, or an outing to the park was thrilling.

Sometimes we think we have to do a BIG thing to make an impact on our kids or families. We spend a ton of money and time to go on a week long cruise or some other exotic vacation our kids will always remember. Those big vacations can be fun, but my husband and I were quite surprised one time when we Continue reading

Come to the RIGHT side

Human beings (and even dark lords) have a basic need to draw others to ‘their’ side. Darth Vader wanted Luke to come to the Dark side (and I think he would have succeeded had he thought of the cookie idea). Politicians spend gazillions of dollars swaying us to come to their side (very similar to the dark side). Television stations spend lots on advertising to gather viewers. Even school coaches Continue reading

Books I’ve been Loving

Okay! I had to delete 2 words from my title. My husband snuck in and added “About Zombies” and I almost published it with that. He was hoping I would. I have to stay on my toes around here.

But besides watching out for zombies, I’ve been reading a lot this summer. Several books I’ve even read a second time because I loved them so much. They are like comfort food (except with less calories). Here are some of my highlights (zombies not included).

I have People by Taylor Dean – This one has emotional depth as it deals with domestic abuse. Holly Sinclair wakes up from an 8-month coma and wants only her husband. But Gabe and Angela (her best friend) seem anxious about her missing memories, which Continue reading