Casting Stones ruins Barbecues…

…but it makes for great books!  Author Gina Barlean’s back from her snake-charming/fighting duties.  Yippee!  If you missed out on the first part of her interview, scroll down or click HERE to read it.  I saved the writing questions for last…so let’s get down to business, in case another snake sneaks in and tries to steal her away.  

Do you have a favorite character you have written? 

Frank.  He’s a character in my upcoming book, Dead Blow. Continue reading

Sticks and Stones will break your bones…

…but my author friend, Gina Barlean, will never hurt you.  Today’s an exciting day because it’s my first author interview.  Gina Barlean is my blogging friend over at Moments of Clarity who has written a great book, Casting Stones.  It is dark, it is tragic, and it is amazing.   Gina has graciously endured an interview, and I wanted to share. Continue reading

The path to COOL–Triathlons

IMG_6667Have you ever done a triathlon?

I did once…just to get it off my ‘stupid things to do’ list.   If you’ve never done one, and you’re not crippled or impaired, then you should.   Even though it’s stupid, it makes you feel COOL.

The first event you do in a triathlon is SWIM!  I had trained for months in my local YMCA pool to get comfortable with swimming with my face in water. Continue reading

Biking Boise

2012-06-02 07.43.22If you are a mountain biking fan, then the Boise foothills in Idaho are the place for you.  My husband likes them so much that on Saturday he did an early morning ride and took this picture just after the sun was up….

Then by evening, he was bored and went back to bike another trail.  In the summer it stays light until 10:00 pm here…which I love, love, love!  Below is the picture he snapped as the same sun was setting. Continue reading

You spin me round and round!


My daughter loves shopping thrift stores.  She is always picking up cheap records that look cool.  Since we don’t own a record player, I thought she was a bit silly…until she unveiled her creations to me…

…like this BOWL!  Then she became my hero.

She was nice enough to make a bunch of bowls and document the whole process for me to share with any other record loving crazies out there.

So here is how you make one of these vinyl bowls. Continue reading

Bent Wrists Lesson #12: Disclaimers

Almost every work of fiction begins with a disclaimer like this:

…all persons appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

If you’re a writer, you know that legal statement is hogwash.  We’re told repeatedly to write what we KNOW, so sadly that includes everyone we KNOW.  Everything we write is based on fact—people we know or have seen in the airport, places we’ve been to or researched, etc; these all lead our writing. Continue reading

Feast upon THIS!

It’s time to do another Award blog post!  June was a crazy, busy month…so my apologies to all the people who gave me awards then.  I wasn’t ignoring you…I just wasn’t around much to do your awards justice.  But I’m back.  Sigh.  My feet are healing and I don’t think I will ever cook again.  Just kidding.  I like to eat…and so does my family.  Since cooking was such a big part of June, I thought I’d theme my award post around it.  Yum! Continue reading