Grow Yourself–Secrets of Success

Hurdles are tall!  When I was in college, some hurdles were set up on the track and I decided to give them a try…just for fun.  It didn’t look that hard.

I ran.  As I closed in on the first hurdle, I was surprised by how high it was all of a sudden.  Had it grown?  I had watched hurdlers run, and they made it look easy.

It isn’t. Continue reading

Burning Hot!

I’ve received some awards over the last month that I’ve placed on the back burner.  The thing is, when I do that, those awards sizzle in my brain, pressuring me to acknowledge them before they blow.

In order to keep my pan of awards from boiling over, I thought I’d better dish them up to others.  Today’s the day.  Are you ready for some steaming hot stew?  I have a plethora of awards Continue reading

Circle of Life (aka Back to School)

I remember when I was a naïve parent sending my first child to Kindergarten the first day.  It was so sad.  I missed her before she even disappeared into her classroom.  I still miss my children when they go back to school, but now I cry for different reasons, because I’m not naïve anymore and know exactly what BACK-TO-SCHOOL means (at all levels). Continue reading

Light Speed on My Read

I was tagged by JMMcdowell a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.  But I’m back, and trying to regain my intergalactic groove.  Jaqueline made this tag’s questions author-related.  So buckle up your seatbelt and lets go to light speed on my latest read…Secret Keepers.  It will be out this fall (this is just my sample cover we’re working on–don’t read the back cover verbiage–it’s just garbage about meat we threw on there to take up space). Continue reading

Kauai Kayaking

I’m having a serious island withdrawal.  This post is to give me a tiny artificial fix.  Last time we went to Kauai, we signed up for an all day Kayak trip down the Na Pali Coast.  It was a 17 mile open sea kayak adventure…

…and it was S-P-E-C-T-A-C-U-L-A-R!

We started on the north shore at Haena Beach at 6am.  I was so nervous.  The preceding week, I’d had nightmares Continue reading

Zombies…and other stuff

Just thought I’d put a shout out for my author friend, Gina Barlean.  No, she’s not a zombie…but she is giving away her e-book Casting Stones, New Unabridged Version for free until Sunday (it might be only for Prime members; I couldn’t tell when I checked)  Here’s the link.  Go get it.

And Sunday’s the last day to comment on Linda Weaver’s blog to win a paper or digital version of my book.

Also, here’s a link to a new interview with me on Clean Romance Reviews.  It’s kind of corny (I mention the word zombies)…I tend to be that way when I’m nervous.  Check it out, so more people in the world know how weird I am.  That makes my children happy…not.  Have a great weekend!


Book Review: Bride of New France

I received an advanced copy of this book by Suzanne Desrochers in return for my review.  It will be released this month, so here is the scoop about it.

Transporting us from the streets of 17th-century Paris to the rugged frontiers of the new world, BRIDE OF NEW FRANCE tells the story of a remarkable woman. As a girl, Laure Beauséjour has the great misfortune of being taken from her parents and sent to the Salpêtrière, an infamous Parisian asylum for orphans, madwomen, and prostitutes. Despite many setbacks, Laure grows up into a strong, self-assured, and intelligent young woman.

 But when she dares to criticize the shortage of food in a letter to the King, Laure receives a terrible punishment. Continue reading


RedFish Lake 126Here’s a little thiSANDthat to keep you from getting bored for these last few weeks of summer.  To accomplish this, I must extol the virtues of sand.  It is gritty, summery, sandy…and turns into glass when put under intense heat and pressure.  What other reasons do you need to like it, my friends?

Sand!  It’s pretty cool–at least when you bury your feet into it.  When you walk on top of it, it can be pretty hot, and might make you dance unintentionally. Continue reading