Sweet Scale

My Sweet Rating Scale is tougher than Goodreads and Amazon (because I’m only rating 4-5 Star books here…and occasionally a high 3). In order to differentiate awesome books even more, I’ve created my own rating scale based upon sweets.

C.S. Lewis said: “Eating and reading are two pleasures that combine

Book Rating Scale


DeDecadent5cadent books are rare…like Raspberry Hazelnut Swirl Brownies. These books are masterpieces that take incredible amount of time and talent to write. Because of that, they live forever in my mind. I savor them because I never want them to end, and I’m tempted to devour them immediately after finishing. These books sit on my shelf because they are now part of who I am. These books bring me true joy.

4 Delicious.jpgDelicious books are 5 Star rated ones on Goodreads and Amazon that I want to reread as well, but I can wait a little bit. They can be likened to a hot fudge brownie sundae. These are special treats you don’t get to enjoy all the time. They leave me with a message to ponder and savor, and the way the words are laid out on the page is a fanciful feast for my senses.

3yumA Yummy book is a solid good book a high 4 on Amazon) that is a treat to read. These are like scrumptious chocolate chip cookies or, on the lighter side, a fresh fruit kabob. They’re good enough to read again in the future when I need a familiar friend and am craving a good book.

2 SweetA Sweet book is like a Hershey’s chocolate bar or semi-sweet chocolate chips (frozen, of course). It’s sweet, and I usually have some around to snack on when I need my chocolate fix. It’s a solid 4 on Goodreads/Amazon, but I’m probably not going to reread it. Still, I’m a better person for having read it since I have such a sweet tooth and I loved the story–but it wasn’t a standout. These are great 4 star books

1A Sickly Sweet book will probably rarely show up here, but occasionally I’m asked to review something and give my promise, but it’s hard to get down–like a Pixie Stix. These are a 3 ranking on Goodreads/Amazon (which is usually the lowest I rate a book if I review it). I loved sickly sweets as a kid, but my reading tastes have evolved. These type of stories are usually written fast. They might have grammatical errors or a forced plot; not enough character development or be too short to satisfy me. (I’m not super fond of novellas). They’re decent, but not anything to get worked up over.