I can do anything!

October 6,2010 018Whoohooo! I have made my first book trailer for Eyes of Light. It probably won’t win any Academy Awards for cinematography, but I’m dang proud of it and love to watch it. The beginning somehow got flubbed up when I created the final version (and I’m too irritated to go in and try to fix it), so just know that the first words are “Triggers of Tragedy.” Alliteration (I love it).

Anyway, here it is for your enjoyment. It will provide you about 1 minute and 26 seconds of pure entertainment. Continue reading

Daisies and Super Suits

Tell me the truth! Please. Are the daisies too much? I love flowers and thought they looked cute on my background…but are they too flowery and cutesy? Be honest. If you will stop reading my blog because you can’t stand my background, I will try to find a more subtle one. I was playing around with my settings the other day and found this one. Only problem is…I don’t know if I can find my other tile I had before this now. Oh well. Continue reading

Forget about it!

20130711_193002I’ve been an editing machine lately. I worked through my 3rd book five times looking for different things before I sent it off to my beta-readers. Now I’m rereading Book 1 to make it better. When the final book is done in the Eyes of Light series, I want to promote all 3 at once (since I haven’t done much marketing for Book 2).

The bad thing about editing and writing for me is that I forget about things. I turned on my hose this morning to deep water my berries and left to go write. 10 hours later, I finally remembered the hose was still running. Yikes!

Needless to say, my berries got VERY DEEP watered. There is a pool out in my firepit area now. Luckily, it is irrigation water from the canal, so I won’t have a big bill like I would have had in Las Vegas for overwatering. Whew! Continue reading

Happy Independence Day!

One of my favorite commercials growing up was the Chevy one that had the snazzy song: Baseball, hotdogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet. Not that I liked or cared one iota about Chevy…not that I like baseball either. It’s pretty boring, although my first date with my husband was to a baseball game…so I will give it some points for that. Hotdogs are okay, but nothing to dance about (unless they’re Polish sausage or filled with cheese…then the yummy value increases enough to be worthy of a song). Apple pie’s okay too, Continue reading