If you like Chocolate…this post is for you

Award time again. I’m so slow at accepting these that I hope the bloggers who give me these awards will not hate me and think I’ve forgotten about them. I haven’t. I just am a blogging award turtle…slow, but steady.

Faith Colburn, a new follower that has a nice midwestern flavor to her blog, gave me the Liebster award. Thanks, Faith.

I will answer her 10 questions and then ask that any of my readers that love chocolate accept this award and answer the questions Continue reading

Quirky Wylde Questions

Today, Anya Wylde is back again to tell us a little bit about her latest book, Seeking Philbert Woodbead. It has a quirky title, so I thought I’d ask her some quirky questions. Anya lives in Ireland with her husband and adorable French black poodle.  This is her third book I’ve read, and it kept me laughing with its sharp wit and outlandish scenes. 

Tell us about this new book of yours, Anya.

Anya:  Seeking Philbert Woodbead is a comic tale of yet another Fairweather sister called Celine. It is her journey of discovery where she learns to differentiate between infatuation and true love. Continue reading

Go with the Flow

DSC01719Life has been a little hectic since school started. We went camping with a bunch of other families on Labor Day weekend, and then my husband and I went to Vegas for an awards banquet and I finished painting my dad’s train room for his birthday. Since I got back this week, I’ve had something or other every single day and haven’t had a speck of time to myself. Sigh!

But here’s what I’ve learned…thanks to my dog, Ginger.

When life sends a deluge instead of a light sprinkle…don’t sweat it. Just go with the flow. Lay your head into the sprinkler full on and let yourself get wet. Why fight it? Continue reading

Just Breathe!

This book is discounted through September 7th. Taylor Dean is one of my favorite authors, so if you’ve wanted to read her books before and haven’t yet…now’s a great time to get this dollar deal. Hope you enjoy! Read my review of I Have People HERE.

This past week brought lots of happy surprises for my family. My oldest got engaged to an awesome guy I love so much, and my 2nd daughter received her mission call to Seoul, Korea. I’m pretty excited for both of them…although it means my life will be super, super busy for the next 2-4 months getting them both ready. Yikes! [Breathe deeply! I can do this]

I just got back from a camping trip and have loads of laundry to do so my house doesn’t smell like a campfire.  [Breathe deeply…without choking on campfire scent. I can do this] Continue reading