Why I love Idaho

I found this old article the other day and it made me laugh my head off. Since I’m in the midst of wedding craziness right now, I will let you read THIS LINK to understand why I love Idaho so much. It sums up my feelings pretty well (and even included rare facts about us not being afraid of gorillas and being able to jump over the hood of our cars, which I found very enlightening). Now hold onto your heads so you don’t laugh them off like I did.

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Wedding Cake Woes

My daughter gets married soon. I’m SUPER excited. Yet I’ll confess that all this planning, envisioning, entertaining, decorating is beyond my comfort level. I will be glad when this is all over and I can relax…and write.

One of the last things we crossed off our list was getting a wedding cake. That seemed easy enough—and I was looking forward to something being a little more affordable…and cakes are simple, right?


Imagine my chagrin when my daughter calls to tell me she can’t get a cake with the budget I set for her. It’s impossible. Wah, wah, wah…and so it goes. When she tells me the price of the cake Continue reading

Book Blast for Sierra

Sierra 99 cents

Taylor Dean is my blogging and writing friend that I’ve known since last year, and I’m so excited that her book made it to the final round for the Indie Awards. She definitely deserves that distinction because Sierra jerks your emotions around like a bungee cord–from terrible, crushing lows, to thrilling highs. It’s one of my favorite books…and it’s on sale this week. YEA! Continue reading