Pebbles to Sand 3: Nutrition

Eating healthy probably comes easy for many of you, but not for me.  I have a passionate love for sugar and carbs.  I adore them (see my Tribute to Candy post).  I’ve pushed myself for months at a time to clear them from my diet and eat healthy, but truly, I don’t enjoy myself for those few months.  All I can think about is the deliciousness I’m missing out on, and it makes me sad.

Character flaw.  I admit it. Continue reading

Pebbles to Sand 2: Cleaning & Organizing

This is Donna!  She befriended me and my sisters at Lake Crescent in Washington last fall.  She followed us all over the pebbly beach and to our cabin…and would have waddled in and joined us in a game of monopoly, except I didn’t want to clean up after her.

You see, cleaning is one of those pebbles in my life that gets in my shoe and annoys me.  I know I need to dig it out and put it in my daily jar… Continue reading

Take Your Dog To Work…or not!

Joyinthemoments.comOn the 23rd, is Take Your Dog to Work Day.  Since I work at both a real office and a home office, I decided not to stress my dog out and drive into town.  I introduced her to the workplace in a nice, mellow fashion–at home.

First, in order to make her feel legit, I forced some glasses on Ginger.  I didn’t want her to feel like a dog.  I wanted her to feel like a valuable, contributing member of my office…one I could depend on and turn to for help when the deadline is looming and the phone is ringing.

She grinned and bared it (her teeth, that is).  Ginger didn’t really like dressing up for the job, but I insisted.  I didn’t want her goofing off, and the glasses seemed to make her more sophisticated—not just a dumb blonde. Continue reading

Pebbles to Sand

You’ve probably seen the demonstration on time management with rocks, pebbles and sand.  Each item represents priority levels—rocks being the most important.  If you haven’t seen this visual lesson, here’s the basic premise:  you must fit a bunch of rocks, pebbles and sand into a bottle.

Pouring sand in first, and pebbles next, leaves no room for the rocks.  It’s impossible to squeeze them into the jar.  However, if you put the rocks in first (which represent your highest priorities), and then the pebbles…magically the sand fits between all the empty spaces when poured in last.  Everything fits in our lives when we start with the most important things first—the rocks.

You can’t do the mundane and meaningless (texting, watching TV, gaming, painting nails) and then at day’s end complain, “Oh, no!  I still have to do THIS and THAT!”—huge rocks that you procrastinated.  These won’t fit in at the end. Continue reading

Fathers—a Force for Good

1969circaDadCharI love Father’s Day!  I love Fathers–my own, my husband’s dad, my husband who is a terrific dad to our kiddos, and all the other great dads out there that are a Force for good!

To me, there is nothing sweeter than watching a Dad with his kids–playing, acting goofy, chasing them with a ‘big bear’ voice that makes kids break into giggles.  Dads are the best!  No doubt about it.

They are God’s hands on earth to take care of His little ones.  Dads are protectors, providers, and playmakers.   Continue reading

Spam…it’s what’s for dinner!

I’ve eaten a lot of spam in my life.  It’s not my favorite thing, but it definitely beats Vienna Sausage.  As I perused through my junk comments after my Tribute to Candy post to make sure Askimet hadn’t grabbed a legitimate comment unawares, I feasted on a delightful spam dinner.  There was so much spam at my WordPress table, that I thought I would share.

Enjoy! Continue reading

Lessons from my Irises

Iris__KG21I love my irises.  They are not only extremely beautiful, but priceless with sentiment.  They are from my grandma’s yard in LaVerkin, Utah.  I planted them in uniform patterns—pink, purple, pink…burgundy, yellow, burgundy…and other cool designs.  But soon after they stopped blooming, I redid my yard and had to hurry and dig them up and throw them in buckets before the landscapers came and excavated. Continue reading

Boise is a HOOT!

P1030382Whoooo’s up for a visit along the Boise greenbelt here in Idaho?  Hopefully you are, since you’re reading this post.

I love Boise!  It is an outdoorsy community that has wonderful trails and parks to enjoy.  I love spending an hour or two walking or biking along the miles of river trails here, or heading up into the foothills just outside of town.  There are lots of parks along the greenbelt with ponds and shady trees and beautiful landscape. Continue reading

Summer Slaves


My kids are out of school. My 2nd graduated and she has been having fun applying for jobs and feeling the real world pinch at her (or is that me?—Pinch—“Go apply for more jobs!” It might be me.)

I’m excited for summer because now my younger kids have lots of time to work for me.  I’m not kidding. They owe me money for summer camps.  So, in essence, they are my slaves until they pay me off (lucky for them I don’t use the whip).

First thing to work on is weeding the back yard.  Since I haven’t paid money to put down weed barrier around my edges yet, and we had wonderful spring rains and colder weather that made Roundup useless, the weeds have grown as tall as my kids—about 7 feet tall. Continue reading