Cozy Mystery Writer–Linda Clarke

Today I have Linda Clarke here to tell us more about herself and her newest cozy mystery, The Mysterious Doll.

Welcome, Linda. It’s nice to have you on my blog again. I read your first book in this series, Bali Mystery, and notice that a lot of your books are set in exotic locations. Have you visited the places you write about in your stories? Continue reading

Tour de Hands – Day 5

P8140329Yeehaw! My books are on the go again after a nice break at Taylor Dean’s site last week in Texas. Now they’ve traveled up to the great state of Nebraska and are stopping for another pit stop at Gina Barlean’s farm. Gina is another friend of mine who I wish to meet in person. She’s an awesome writer who has also been a tremendous support. She read my series and even beta-read the last book and gave me feedback. I’m so grateful to connect with her through our writing. Continue reading

Leisl Leighton’s Book Launch


I’m participating in a book launch today for Leisl Leighton’s new book, Killing Me Softly. So without further ado, I will turn the time over to Leisl to introduce us to her and her book. 

Personal facts:

I am a tall red head with an overly large imagination who can talk the hind leg off a donkey, so it came as no surprise to my family that I completely fell in love with Anne of Green Gables when my Nanna gave it to me for my 10th birthday. I too was a dreamer, who at times was overly dramatic and lived my life vicariously through the worlds written by others and in my own dreams. Continue reading

A FALL Interview

AKMorganToday I have a literal FALL interview–but not the season. Ayden Morgen is here to tell us a little about her new book launch of FALL (book 2 in the Ragnarok Prophesies series).  

Ayden, thanks so much for being here. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Ayden: I live in Little Rock, Arkansas with my husband, three dogs, and demonic cat. I have a graduate degree in Criminal Justice and Law, and a Bachelor’s in Forensic Psychology. I put my education to use in a social work position with the state where I help transition the elderly and disabled back into the community after lengthy stays in one of the twenty-two nursing homes Continue reading

Death by Chocolate–Interview with Dianne Gray

Treat time! No…it isn’t chocolate (unless a planet on a collision course with Earth is made up of chocolate–please let it be dark, with toffee chunks. I would die happy!).But sorry, this post will not treat you to that kind of news. 

Today’s treat is an interview with an author who loves chocolate though (next best thing to eating your own Skor bar). 

Dianne Gray is here to answer a few questions I’ve whipped up for her. I’ve followed Dianne’s blog for a while now and read a couple of her books. This Aussie has talent (a list of awards a mile long)…and she’s funny too. Continue reading

Got Blue?

If not…you’d better get it. I’m talking about A Different Blue by Amy Harmon…my new favorite book. It’s the 3rd book I’ve read by this talented author, and it was phenomenal. This is a riveting story of redemption, and one I will definitely read again. I loved it that much. The characters became my friends, and after I finished, I emailed Amy and begged for a chance to interview her. Amy is more gracious and wonderful than I imagined. I hope you enjoy getting to know her better today.

Tell us a little about yourself, Amy.

I’ve been married for 19 years and I’m a mom of four – two boys, two girls, ranging from eighteen to three. I love to sing and sang with the Saints Unified Voices gospel choir Continue reading

Giveaway for Secret Keepers

Doggone Excited!Yea! Ginger’s doggone excited that my book is finally available in all formats (print and digital; she likes the print version best. She won’t let her paws off it). To celebrate, I thought I’d have her help me tell you a little bit about it. I’ll also give away eBooks to 3 lucky people (this includes choice of PDF format if you don’t have an eReader and want to read it on your computer). Take it away, Ginger.

Ginger: Well, even though it doesn’t have any delicious cardboard-tasting treats (that I’ve found yet), this book has a glossy cover that feels cool to my paws. It also has a unique taste when I lick it (almost as good as bacon, but not quite). It’s soothing and makes me feel like it’s summer, and when I sleep, it gives me good dreams of running through grassy meadows and eating salmon straight from a river. I would definitely recommend this book…but not the one I’m holding. Get your own.

Me: Stop your drooling, Ginger. You’ll ruin my book, Continue reading

The line between crazy…and a Giveaway

I read two books by Taylor Dean that blew me away! The line between sane and crazy was very fine…and sometimes invisible. I absolutely loved them…couldn’t stop thinking about them…didn’t do laundry because I HAD to finish and know if Zoe’s romance was real or all in her head. Here’s my scoop on each:

Lancaster House: Zoe Grayson is in a mental hospital after trying to kill herself. The beautiful, seemingly Continue reading

Winners…and smelly dogs

Today I’ll announce the winners of the 2 giftcards Carrie Rubin was giving away from her author interview.  I tried to have Ginger pick them for me (since I figured she’d be impartial since she’s a dog)…but that was super hard to do. I wouldn’t advise anyone else doing such a dumb thing. I wrote names of all the commenters on cards and laid them in front of Ginger…but she got up and walked away before I was even done. Continue reading