Now and Always Yours

Now and Always Yours BennerToday’s spotlight book had a unique subject matter that intrigued me enough I had to read it. Now and Always Yours is a spin-off of Legally and Lawfully Yours, but can be a stand-alone. I didn’t read the first one and didn’t feel lost.

Greg is the main character in this book, and he is unique in that he just barely got released from prison, where he has served his time for several years and missed out on his children’s lives. He was incarcerated on Continue reading

Not Just Happenstance

51klo4bilil-_sx322_bo1204203200_Did you have a great Valentine’s Day? I hope so. Whether you did or not, this book can only make your week better (pinky promise).

This is February’s book in the Matchmaker stand-alone series for 2016 that I’m thrilled to tell you about. I’m really loving each monthly installment themed around a timeless Chinese matchmaker who has a gift for pairing up hearts to fall in love. Such a cool concept.

Each of these stories can be read alone, but if you want to see eat the WHOLE tamale, start with the novella that began this project HERE and catch up with January’s book HERE that I wrote about last month. Continue reading

What the Goose? It’s a FREE deal.

2015-05-15 17.14.39We have lots of these beauties where I live. They can be majestic at times…and downright terrifying at others. When it’s mating season, don’t mess with them. I’ve had a male attack my van tire as I was driving down the street and he thought I was too close to his woman. I’ve also seen two male geese fighting in the air and knock into a lady ahead of me on the trail and about scare the bejeebers out of her (if you don’t know what bejeebers are…just wait until a goose attacks you and you’ll know EXACTLY what they are).

When I saw this goose proudly claiming this bench in my favorite park…I let him have it.

What the goose does any of this have to do with a FREE deal. Absolutely nothing. Geese just were on my mind for some weird reason (due to my son’s evil genius mind). Continue reading


51tg2btn5wsl-_sx311_bo1204203200_I have a deliciously sweet story to tell you about today. This one gives me warm fuzzies to review because I read it in the beta-phase and then again once it was published. I loved it both times, but the final version really nailed my devotion to the board. Jennifer Peel is a master at writing books just for me. I swear…she has this ultra-sensitive radar that signals in and finds my most favorite books button to push…and then she doesn’t just push that button once…but about eight times. Yeah. She’s that good.

All her books have hit that button in me, so she ranks in my favorite author category. Her stories have delightful characters that are fun, good-crazy, sweet and sassy. Her plots always make me smile because they snag my attention and then hang onto it tight…and I always am sad to see “The End” because I want to keep reading. Her writing style is crisp and clear, fun and witty. Seriously, I can’t think of anything I don’t like. Continue reading

Where did January go?

Wuz up wit (1)Can you believe February is already here? I guess you can…but I’m still reeling from January flying by so fast. I spent a couple weeks last month revising my Bending Willow Trilogy to fit a more general audience. I like how the books turned out, and I put all of them on KDP Select so I’ll be able to discount them every quarter. Stay tuned for Eyes of Light being discounted to FREE (probably around Valentines weekend). Continue reading