What the Goose?

2015-05-15 17.14.23Take a gander at what I’ve been up to this summer. Most importantly, I broke my curse by mountain biking on Memorial Day this year on the same trail I broke my arm on last Memorial Day. Yes, I walked more than I did last time, and I bonked super bad because we took a ‘shortcut’ back from Stack Rock that ended up being much longer than the original trail with LOTS of uphill at the end. The good thing was that it was super lush and beautiful and I don’t regret it for a second. I can walk my bike as good as the next person, and being up on a mountain next to a trickling stream and gorgeous plants and trees made me happy (even if my legs were ready to give out). Thankfully, I didn’t need to go to the bathroom or that trickling stream might have been my undoing.

Next, I planted a garden. That was another thing I missed out on last year due to my broken arm. No one else cared if we had tomatoes Continue reading

Summer Mystery

Picture emailI just finished reading book 5 in the Amelia Moore Detective series. It’s a nice cozy mystery with Amelia and Rick Bonito striking out to find a high powered attorney’s missing love of two decades before Julie marries the gubernatorial candidate that she’s not quite sure about yet. Amelia really gets into this case as she reads old love letters from Julie’s sweetheart back when they were in college. You can’t help wondering what happened to him. Is he alive? Did he get caught up in something dangerous? Is he dead? As Amelia and Rick search for him by interviewing people from his past in Arizona and Utah (Zion National Park), they pick up tails that present a mysterious threat. Are they the mafia? Are they a disgruntled ex-client or someone an ex-client had them follow years ago? Continue reading

Playing for Keeps

I just read this Playing for Keeps and had to share it! First off, the cover is amazing! I love the colors and it just shouts, READ ME! when I look at it. So I did. You should too. Here’s why:

1. The heroine is cute, brash and sassy (in the best kind of way). She’s out to get what she wants–the man of her dreams–and takes advice from other girls to grab his attention, when all she needs to do is just be herself. Most heroines are so sweet and shy and hang back and catch attention that way in stories, but Ty is a realist and knows she has to put herself out there in a big way to get Rocket Rogers’ attention.

2. The hero is arrogant, handsome, talented and the ultimate lady’s man. Ick, right? Wrong! Anthony’s outer confidence is a mask for the wounded inner man he lets no one else see. I really liked him. Continue reading

Summer in Snow Valley

#1 Bestselling Authors of Christmas in Snow Valley, have teamed up again with six wonderful summer novellas that are sure to make your summer sweet and sassy! I really enjoyed this collection. Different characters take the stage in each story, with a few side characters and events bouncing around from one story to the next for continuity. I had fun reading each of these clean romances; none of them disappointed me.

Continue reading