RedFish Lake 126Here’s a little thiSANDthat to keep you from getting bored for these last few weeks of summer.  To accomplish this, I must extol the virtues of sand.  It is gritty, summery, sandy…and turns into glass when put under intense heat and pressure.  What other reasons do you need to like it, my friends?

Sand!  It’s pretty cool–at least when you bury your feet into it.  When you walk on top of it, it can be pretty hot, and might make you dance unintentionally.

My kids amaze me with their sand creatures.  I’ve picked out a few to share, since I’m in the middle of rewriting Book 2 and don’t have tons of time to devote to a post today.  Hope you enjoy.

Shrek was a good one!  We buried him up to his neck and then let him stare out over the pristine mountain lake.  He was happy (at least I think that’s what it means when ogres burp, fart, and make gross jokes).


But if you don’t feel like burying an ogre up to his neck, then you can be lazy like my son and just scoop up a pile of wet sand and stick a stick in the middle of it (or better written...plant a stick in the middle of it; there, I feel better) to prove that you’re king of the beach.


Start shaping and make some friends (this is especially helpful if you don’t have many friends.  Sand creatures are known for their listening skills and kind hearts.  If you don’t believe me, you can ask my dog, Ginger.)


It’s addictive to get your hands in that luscious sand molecule mix.   Imaginations go wild.  Here is a crazy castle fortress that will soon be eaten away by the lapping lake waves (I love alliteration).


Here’s a Mayan temple or voodoo fortress on an alien world.

The bad thing about sand creations is that they are SO tempting to smash.  You put hours into making them, and then think, “Let me destroy it before the waves do…to show how awesome and powerful I am!”  And you do.  And if you don’t, I assure you there is a 6-year-old kid nearby who is waiting to smash your beautiful sandy creation.


Here’s a sand piano (not to be confused with grand pianos).  The good thing about these, is if you don’t want to practice, you just destroy it.  I don’t look so kindly on that practice when it’s my grand…instead of sand.  If my kids so much as leave a cup of water on the grand, I’m on their case.


Ah!  Alligator.  Help me!  This beast materialized out of nowhere in the mountains of Idaho, and I kept my distance.


Until he told me his name.  Then I figured he was safe.  Mr. A devoured a bag of Cheetos before getting demolished by a 6-year-old punk that had been eyeing him hungrily while my kids made him.  I don’t know if it was the whole sand-Cheetos combination, or if the kid was just racist against alligators.  Mr. A is gone now, so I guess the motive doesn’t matter.

Whatever you make out of sand, whether it is a nice armadillo or just pretending you are an hour glass as you let sand run through your fingers, I hope you’re not bored.  If you don’t have a beach nearby, go to Home Depot and buy a bag of sand to play with in your living room.  It’s fun.


20 thoughts on “thiSANDthat

    • Yes, we do have fun together…and I’m always excited to see what new thing will be formed in the sand when we visit a beach.

  1. Very talented children, indeed! I was never good with sand. Of course, I didn’t see it that often growing up in the cornfields of northern Illinois. 😉 I did have Silly Sand, but I’ve probably just dated myself and no one will know what that was! Ack!

    • Yes, I can imagine cornfields would be a little scarce on the sand. I haven’t heard of Silly Sand, just Silly Putty–which I banned when my kids were little and they left some in their pockets and it ruined everything in the wash. Ick.

  2. Very nice, looks like a lot of fun! I have to wait for my kids to grow up a little to try this type of sand art with them. Right now, they’re still more in the destructive stage than the creative stage…

    • I know what you mean about lumps. I don’t have the patience to work the sand like my kids do. I have scads of patience to read a book in my chair as I watch them though.

  3. Very cool creatures and objects. I particularly love the turtle.

    I used to love making sand castles at the beach on Cape Cod, or burying my friends in the sand and coaxing the dog over to lick the victim’s face. Now that’s fun!

    • Ha ha! Dogs are great! Our new punishment for our boy is to wrestle him down, smear peanut butter on his nose, then let Ginger lick it off. It works when a beach isn’t near.

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