Between Here and There

MC_Drei-Finger-FaultierI am just realizing (or admitting) that I have taken quite a long break from my blog in April. Since this month ends this week, I thought I better post once more to break my sloth blogging cycle and update you on my writing status.

Yes, I have been busy…just not with blogging. I have read great books. I have tried to write a great book, and between here and there…I am finally getting somewhere. How’s that for non-specific?

My 4th book, Between Hope and the Highway, is finished and out to beta-readers to look over for holes, flaws, and fun things like that. This stage is a little terrifying for me as a writer because I hand over my creation and hope it isn’t the Ugly Baby from Seinfeld.

“Oh, that’s…so readable.” or

“Oh! [said with enthusiasm until they read the first few chapters and then their face falls and they continue] “This is so…book-like.”

And then when my beta-readers meet together when I’m not there, they speak the truth.

“Was that the worst story you’ve ever read, or what?”

[Nods vigorously] “It was like a Pekinese.”


I’m trying not to think about it for a while. But I promise, come what may (unless everyone out there hates it), I will release it this fall. You might wonder why I don’t get it out earlier since it’s done…and here is why:

  1. I need time to get a cover done.
  2. I’m moving out of state and don’t want to promise anything besides just getting my house packed up and loaded into another one.
  3. I want to spend some time setting up some marketing BEFORE its release (which I haven’t done on my other books, and my sales show that)
  4. I want to have early readers go over the more polished version in August before release date (If you would like to get an early copy, let me know in the comments or my contact page so I can put you on my list. In exchange for an early copy of the book, you promise to write up a review (short or long) to upload to Amazon and Goodreads on release day.)
  5. I want time to format it for print (which takes longer than digital)
  6. I need to come up with a short blurb (which surprisingly is more difficult for me to do than writing a whole novel)
  7. I need to make a book trailer
  8. I want to eat lots of chocolate (I don’t know how that relates, but hey, it’s chocolate)

no quitter

Here’s a sample cover I did up for an idea (but I need cowboy boots instead of sneakers since my heroine’s a cowgirl). Still, I’m kind of tickled about this idea if I can make it work.

Hope Sample

I will try not to be so sloth-like with blogging in the next couple months…but between here and there, with a mountain of boxes in between, things could get a little sketchy. Just saying.

Peace out…or happy reading (whichever farewell you like best).


Lady Helen Finds Her Song

Lady Helen BannerThis newest story by Jennifer Moore was amazing. I’ve read a lot of her books, and they always make me smile. She writes great characters, fantastic settings, and believable romances that are usually set in the Regency period in the 1800’s.

Lady Helen Finds Her Song is set in 1813 in India. Lady Helen has just arrived in Calcutta with her mother and her new husband, Brigadier-General Stackhouse. She finds herself fascinated with the exotic splendors of India, but her fellow British expatriates Continue reading

Book Giveaway

51ccnxtq2bjl-_sx330_bo1204203200_My friend, Maria Hoagland, has a book giveaway you can enter right now (my book happens to be one of them). Maria used to be in my writing group before she moved to Texas last year. I’m super excited that she has a new book out that she had discussed with our group ‘back in the day’ when she was here. She’s one of the sweetest people I’ve met and I’m reading her book right now–The Re-Model Marriage. It’s pretty good.

Here’s the link to a Rafflecopter giveaway to enter. You can also visit Maria’s Renovation blog and her Review Blog. Crossing my fingers and wishing you luck and happy reading!


Love is Come

edwardian woman looking at a steam trainIt’s the start of another month…and that means I get to tell you about the next book in the Power of the Matchmaker series. April’s book is by Heather Moore. And that’s no April Fool’s joke. Here’s the blurb:

Nelle Thompson lives a life of privilege during the turn of the century New York City. When her parents are killed in a terrible accident, she’s forced to live with her aunt’s family in a small town in Connecticut, and treated as a poor relation with no financial independence. Broken-hearted and riddled with insomnia, Nelle’s health begins a downward spiral. When a locked part of her heart blossoms around her cousin’s fiancé Mathew Janson, Nelle doesn’t know if she can endure one more heartbreak. Miss Pearl, owner of the local apothecary shop, becomes a mother figure to Nelle, but a fateful summer day has Nelle questioning everything she’s ever believed and wondering if she’ll ever love again.

Continue reading

Bet you didn’t know…

I was wondering what to write about and found a fun site with interesting, useless facts that I couldn’t pass up sharing. If you know some of these, buy yourself a hot fudge sundae. You deserve it for being extra sharp.

Bet you didn’t know that:

There is a species of spider called the Hobo Spider.


I’m a hobo. Give me a dollar…or else!

I did know this one because at my sister’s house, I met a hobo spider. Shiver! My son thinks hobos have beards and wear a beanie cap on their head. This spider did neither. But it did actually Continue reading

Love at First Note

41uwifnb2ll-_sx332_bo1204203200_I have another sweet read to shout out about. This one has a delicious musical twist to it. Here’s the blurb:

Emma Hill was practically born with a violin in her hands. She lives for the life of the piece, for each song’s story, for the perfect stillness after the endnotes when the vibrations of sound are still humming through her body. If only her love life were that harmonic. But she knew her chances at love would take a hit when she decided to leave her prestigious concertmaster position in the Cleveland Orchestra and move back home to Asheville, North Carolina. She justifies her actions with the fact that being concertmaster for the Asheville Symphony is better than no dates and no job.

But when Emma’s world collides with piano-playing YouTube sensation Elliott Hart, she finds herself falling for the way he plucks at her heartstrings. Despite a—ahem—not-so-good first impression, the two soon develop the beginnings of a rhythmic relationship. But when Elliott insists they can’t be together, it’s up to Emma to strike up a little romance . Will she be able to bring their two worlds into harmony, or will she only manage to get herself in trouble?

Continue reading

Painting Rain

Painting RainHow do you heal your heart after tragedy leaves you broken? When the person you loved didn’t deserve it and they can’t earn your forgiveness because they’re already dead? How do you move on, and heal, and love?

If you’re Princess Lorraina, you paint.

A year ago Lorraina watched Tobias die, and she still doesn’t know how she’s supposed to heal—or forgive. How can she when she’s still running away? In an attempt to reinvent herself, she steps outside her comfortable life as princess and seeks the tutelage of a master painter—a man who is not at all impressed by her pedigree, and demands not just talent, but emotional honesty.

Struggling to learn what’s being taught, she finds herself drawn to someone who not only knows her secrets, but who she once considered far below her notice. Now she is compelled to seek him out despite knowing their relationship would be forbidden if discovered. Staying away from him doesn’t seem possible when discovering him may be the key to healing her heart and rediscovering herself. Continue reading