Kept Secrets

kept-secrets-blog-tour-bannerI’ve had quite a bit of down time due to my hip surgery last week. Four days in the hospital, and I felt I needed every second of that healing time. I don’t think I read once while I was in there, and even in the preceding days at home after, I’ve been too uncomfortable to do anything but feel sorry for myself. My own personal pity party.

But it’s over now–for the most part. Day by day my body is healing and I am beginning to want to read again. This latest book–Kept Secrets–was pretty intense. I couldn’t put it down once I started it.

My Review

A chance meeting at a Vegas planned wedding elopement of friends leads two high school sweethearts to reminisce and marry unexpectedly themselves the same night. But Grace has no idea that Devin, her new husband, has secrets that could possibly tear them apart. He has pledged the next five years of his life to the CIA and right after graduation from Stanford must take off for Hong Kong on an assignment he cannot reveal to his wife. When months go by and they do not connect, Grace wonders if he really loved her or not. Was Vegas just a whim for Devin, or has something happened to keep the man she loves from communicating with her?

This was an action-packed thriller with lots of heart-tugging and intrigue that made it hard to put down. Once I started, I wanted to figure out what would happen to Devin and Grace when forces beyond their control became consumed with bending them to their wills or destroying them in whatever method necessary. Warning: This was definitely a story that wreaked havoc on my nails as I chewed, gnawed and picked away to vent my fear and anxiety for the characters. Though action-packed with violent characters, there is nothing gruesome in it, and it’s clean all the way through.

This story is definitely a 5 on Amazon and Goodreads and a 4 on my Sweet Scale…Delicious! Definitely one I want to read again.

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Back to Utah


My book has traveled all over this great country in the Tour de Highway. From Northern Utah (start) to Texas (Taylor Dean and Maria Hoagland) to Nebraska (Gina Barlean) to Kansas (Michelle Terry) to Michigan (Rebecca Belliston).

Today, we’ll cross the finish line in Southern Utah with Linda Weaver Clarke, who has kindly refreshed us and interviewed us at the end of this biking book tour. Hop on over to read more about the book and her kind review. She’s awesome.

Biking Book Tour – Michigan

bike1My book is making the rounds in this great country. We left Kansas last week and now are pulling into Michigan to have a pit-stop visit with author Rebecca Belliston. She has written some great books which I love, including:

  • Sadie
  • Augustina
  • The Citizens of Logan Pond series (Life, Liberty and The Pursuit).

teaser2Today she is reviewing my book–Between Hope & the Highway–and conducting a short interview. Hop on over to her blog to join us. She’s great. And thank you to all who have read my book so far and left a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. I really appreciate your kindness and support.

I head into the hospital first thing tomorrow morning for a hip replacement surgery. Sounds yucky…but I’m excited for the end result where I can walk without pain again. I’ll be passing the hospital time and bedrest at home with some good books–including Bad Blood of Rosewood by Gina Barlean, My Stroke of Insight by Dr. Jill Taylor (because my Mom had a stroke recently and I want to understand what stroke does and how to recover better from it), and Kept Secrets by Traci Hunter Abramson (which I’ll review in another week or so).

Happy Wednesday…and may the rest of your week be filled with fun and chocolate.


Tour de Highway – Kansas

Well, Dorothy. We’re in Kansas today. We’ve zipped all over the U.S. on this biking book tour as you can see from the map below. From Utah to Texas and on to Nebraska. If you’ve missed any of the action, here’s a quick summary of the stops we’ve made so far:


Now we’re pulling into Kansas where my good friend, Michelle Terry, is spotlighting Between Hope & the Highway. Whoohoo!

I hope you’ll join my book and I over at Michelle’s for some more prairie-fied goodness. Michelle is the most genuine, authentic woman I know. Once I stumbled onto her blog, I couldn’t leave. She is one of the kindest people I know…and funny. I know you’ll love her too. If you haven’t grabbed a copy of my book  yet, it just went down in price this week…so lucky you.

Happy reading…and biking.


Tour de Highway-Nebraska


The book race continues. Between Hope & The Highway started in Utah, pedaled down to different points in Texas to meet with authors–Maria Hoagland and Taylor Dean. Now we have busted our buns up to Nebraska (pant, pant) to be interviewed by my good author friend, Gina Barlean. I hope you can join us to cheer my book on down the highway. The more the merrier.