Bent Wrists Lesson 8: Cure for Writer’s Block

Image (2)No matter how much you love to write, there is a disease prone to writers that can bring you to a halting stop just as much as a broken wrist.  It isn’t pneumonia…nor is it whooping cough or measles.  The dreaded disease that writers are susceptible to is called Writingmeningitis-rheuma-icky.  Most people know this dreaded 27 letter disease better as WRITER’S BLOCK.

The disease attacks subtly at first.  Symptoms might look like this:  You pull out your laptop to write the next J.K. Rowlings type masterpiece that will make you millions, and you type:

“Once upon a time there was a boy named Larry Hotter…”

And that stupid pause where the ellipsis leaves off is when the disease kicks in and whacks you where it counts—the brain!  Writer’s Block attacks Continue reading