The Power of Kindness

My thoughts have been turned toward the victims and survivors of the recent tragedy. It is so sad and baffling to me. Those children in that elementary school were good. Those teachers and administrators that sacrificed and did their best to protect those little ones were good as well.

But what about the shooter? Was there any scrap of goodness in him?

We will never know, since we aren’t God and can’t know all the experiences, weaknesses, troubles, and emotional drama of his life. Continue reading

I just want ONE banana!

Today’s book review is Evidence not Seen, by Darlene Deibler Rose.  This is an inspirational autobiography of Darlene’s life in a Japanese POW camp during WWII.  She was a missionary on the island of Celebes when war broke out, and was put in a Japanese labor camp.  Because she was American, she was singled out and taken by the Kempeitai (secret police) and tortured and convicted on false testimony as a spy and sentenced to beheading.  The following story takes place right after her sentencing when she was at a very low point.

She was looking out her window into the prison courtyard, intrigued by the actions of a fellow inmate.  Every time the sentry turned his back, the woman inched toward a vine-covered fence. Continue reading