Write a Letter Week! (and a little about the Grunt that makes it all happen)

This week (the 2nd week in January) has been designated WRITE A LETTER WEEK.  I don’t know who gets the job of making up these weird holidays and tribute weeks and months…all I know is that I envy them.  How fun it would be to go to work each day and just think up nonsense to celebrate.

  • Boss:  What’s a good holiday?
  • Grunt:  How ‘bout Pick Your Nose Day?
  • Boss:  Sounds great!  I think it should be this month…because I need an excuse to…er…well…never mind.
  • Grunt:  How ‘bout January 9th…because Ninth and Nose start with the letter N?
  • Boss:  That’s a great reason!  How about I give you a raise!  You ‘re going to hurt your brain thinking so hard.
  • Grunt:  Thanks sir!  I think I’ll change today to Give Your Boss a High Five Day! Continue reading