I love LOVE!

_DSC6390I promised back in November that I would eventually share pictures from my daughter’s wedding when I got them. Well I have 600 pictures now to share.

But DON’T stop reading.

I promise not to show you all of them..only a few favorites. So let out that LONG breath of relief you were holding…and enjoy.

Even though wedding receptions are stressful to plan, there is something amazing about seeing your child take that big step into committed love that I wouldn’t trade for all the comfort and non-planning in the world. I am one happy, proud mother. Here are my top 10 Wedding favorites. Continue reading

Wedding Portraits…and Awards

IMG_1137A year or so ago, my niece got married.  Her dress was stunning; she was gorgeous; her groom was handsome; the reception hall looked amazing.  But…this photo is the best one I have to remember that wonderful day.

This is also my niece…but not the one that got married.  She took my camera and kept herself entertained taking pictures. Seriously, her pictures were much more exciting than mine (which amounted to a blurry one of Continue reading