Have a Heart

Reece's Rainbow 2012-p005Just wanted to do one last push for ReecesRainbow.org.  If you didn’t read my friend Aubrey’s guest post last week, click HERE to read about her worthwhile project.

She’s trying to raise money for two Down Syndrome orphans on ReecesRainbow.org.  This site raises money to help adoptive parents with adoption costs so that these sweet children can have a family.

This is a GREAT way to put a smile on not only your own face, but several others as well as you help make adoption possible!  So have a heart and sweeten the lives of kids like Heath and Cullen.  Have a wonderful Valentine’s!


Slow Cameras and Cheesy Smiles


Here’s my son (several years ago when he was still cute and cuddly like a puppy…not big and smelling of B.O. and Axe at the same time.  How is that possible?)

He wasn’t too excited to have this picture taken.  I don’t know if it was the costume I made him wear, or the fact that I was keeping him from important things like his army men who were lined up in battle formations all over the kitchen floor…but he was surly!

“Are we done yet?  Can I go?  Can I take this goofy rag off and give it to Ginger to eat?”

Mean Mom:  “No!  Now smile and look happy!” Continue reading

Love Makes All the Difference

Valentine’s Day is coming up…a time to celebrate love.  Today I’m turning the floor over to my friend, Aubrey, for a guest post on how to spread that love in a way that will make a difference to those in need.  Take it away, Aubrey.

Reece's Rainbow 2012-p005

This February millions of dollars will be spent on candy, cards, or flowers.  Within days, these gifts will be forgotten or thrown away.  Much like these gifts, hundreds of children around the world have been forgotten and “thrown away” based solely on the fact that they have Down Syndrome. Continue reading