Book Buffet…the holidays aren’t fattening enough

With Christmas right around the corner (Ah! Coming in at full speed!), I thought I’d spotlight some books I’ve read over the last few months for anyone who needs gift ideas or personal reading ideas.

Since writing my own books, I realize how much symbolic blood, sweat and tears are put into each tale. So today I’m offering you a buffet of books to choose from that I’ve liked. There are appetizers (fun romances), main courses (stories that stay in your mind long after you finish them), and desserts (short books with inspiring messages).

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A Wicked Wager and Witty Plot

I read The Wicked Wager by Anya Wylde and thought I’d give it a shout out. This regency romance has great characters, a delightfully twisted plot, and wonderful wit that made me laugh out loud. That was a refreshing trio for a story set in stuffy, high society, 19th century England.

The cast:

Lord Richard Hamilton – a gentleman rake who falls for Emma Grey

Miss Emma Grey – a mischievous beauty who hasn’t been courted because of her 3 big, scary brothers.

Duke of Arden – Emma’s uncle Continue reading