Saying goodbye to Summer


This is my sentimental ode to Summer (and my subtle slam to winter). Hope you enjoy.

                               Oh, Summer

                   Why did you go by so fast?

I looked out one day and you hit me with a blast

         But then I blinked, and you were gone

                    Just like my favorite song.


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Summer Slaves


My kids are out of school. My 2nd graduated and she has been having fun applying for jobs and feeling the real world pinch at her (or is that me?—Pinch—“Go apply for more jobs!” It might be me.)

I’m excited for summer because now my younger kids have lots of time to work for me.  I’m not kidding. They owe me money for summer camps.  So, in essence, they are my slaves until they pay me off (lucky for them I don’t use the whip).

First thing to work on is weeding the back yard.  Since I haven’t paid money to put down weed barrier around my edges yet, and we had wonderful spring rains and colder weather that made Roundup useless, the weeds have grown as tall as my kids—about 7 feet tall. Continue reading