Come to the RIGHT side

Human beings (and even dark lords) have a basic need to draw others to ‘their’ side. Darth Vader wanted Luke to come to the Dark side (and I think he would have succeeded had he thought of the cookie idea). Politicians spend gazillions of dollars swaying us to come to their side (very similar to the dark side). Television stations spend lots on advertising to gather viewers. Even school coaches Continue reading

The Bells Book Review: Accidental Star Wars Comparisons

Time for another book review.  When I heard about this one by Richard Harvell, I wasn’t sure I would like it…but I was wrong!  I LOVED this book.  The writing was beautiful…and the story was very unique and gripping.  I am so tickled when a book surprises me like this did.  From the very first sentence I was hooked.

“I grew up as the son of a man who could not possibly have been my father.”

Oh yeah!  In just 17 words, Harvell grabbed my attention and taunted me with a mystery to solve!  That’s talent…and I appreciate it!   Remember the classic Star Wars quote where Darth Vader says, “Luke, I am your father!” and Luke screams “NO!!!!!”  He probably thought that same line above…that Darth could not possibly have been his father.  Sorry Luke. Continue reading