Frozen Snowballs!

1974 Snowman in Vegas

Finally…our first snowfall here in Boise.  This picture isn’t Idaho…but I like it anyway.  It proves that dreams do come true (even if you’re not at Disneyland).  This was a snowstorm in Las Vegas, Nevada (probably one of  two times it snowed there as I grew up).

What I remember is that we made snowballs and put them in the freezer because we thought it would be awesome to have a snowball fight in the summer when it was 110 degrees outside. Continue reading

White Winters—or the lack thereof?

Winter 2008 025Let it snow ALREADY! It’s January and there is no white! That was okay when I lived in Nevada, but I’m in Idaho, for Pete’s sake. I’d like to go x-country skiing and make a snowman…and Ginger wants to eat it!

Never would I have thought I’d be wishing for snow as an adult.  Snow makes driving a white knuckle experience, but I’d sacrifice and put up with that if the snow would just start doing its job.  January is weird without white! Continue reading

Beware hungry Bears!

I love cross country skiing for 3 reasons:

1:  It’s fun to explore a white wonderland
2:   I love the quiet peace and solace, and
3:  It’s incredible exercise

But there is a danger to every outdoor sport…and bears are the #1 threat to America (I heard that on the Colbert show).   And when you x-country ski, you are in the mountains where bears are known to live.  But I’ve never seen them yet, so read on!  I promise not to frighten you…TOO MUCH. Continue reading