100th Post—Eyes of Light

P1030076Today is my 100th post! YEA! I remember starting this blog and trying so hard to get to 10 posts so that the WordPress ‘motivator’ would stop hounding me! Now look!

10 x 10 (Take THAT WordPress!)

In honor of this amazing day in history (just kidding), I thought I’d talk about my book coming out in the next week. It’s taken 3-1/2 years to get to this point…and I’m pretty excited.  [Yes! It really took that long. I’ve felt each and every one of those 3-1/2 years too.  Sigh.]

Eyes of Light began as a little seed in my mind when I was taking an online Creative Writing course.  I had to come up with a short story, and was having trouble.  I’ve always loved to write, but had convinced myself that I had no good plots in my head, and therefore no stories.  [sidenote: Don’t do that to yourself!] Continue reading