RedFish Lake 126Here’s a little thiSANDthat to keep you from getting bored for these last few weeks of summer.  To accomplish this, I must extol the virtues of sand.  It is gritty, summery, sandy…and turns into glass when put under intense heat and pressure.  What other reasons do you need to like it, my friends?

Sand!  It’s pretty cool–at least when you bury your feet into it.  When you walk on top of it, it can be pretty hot, and might make you dance unintentionally. Continue reading

Pebbles to Sand

You’ve probably seen the demonstration on time management with rocks, pebbles and sand.  Each item represents priority levels—rocks being the most important.  If you haven’t seen this visual lesson, here’s the basic premise:  you must fit a bunch of rocks, pebbles and sand into a bottle.

Pouring sand in first, and pebbles next, leaves no room for the rocks.  It’s impossible to squeeze them into the jar.  However, if you put the rocks in first (which represent your highest priorities), and then the pebbles…magically the sand fits between all the empty spaces when poured in last.  Everything fits in our lives when we start with the most important things first—the rocks.

You can’t do the mundane and meaningless (texting, watching TV, gaming, painting nails) and then at day’s end complain, “Oh, no!  I still have to do THIS and THAT!”—huge rocks that you procrastinated.  These won’t fit in at the end. Continue reading

Bruneau Dunes–Not enough sand!

021I had a sandbox growing up that was my favorite spot in the world!  The kitties liked it too, which ticked my dad off big time.   Today, I’m going to introduce you to a sandbox that puts my childhood one to shame (and the only kitties using this one are of the bobcat variety).

Bruneau Dunes State Park in southwestern Idaho is a great place for winter or early spring exploring.  My kids have a blast here.  The western-most dune is reported to be the largest single-structured sand dune in North America, rising 470 feet above the lakes.   That’s way bigger than my sandbox in Las Vegas.

In the spring and fall, there are wildflowers…which I have a weakness for.  My family gets annoyed with me and flowers.  I cannot pass one by without pulling my camera out.  Even though I hate bugs, I will crawl and sprawl on the ground (where I am more bug susceptible) just to capture Continue reading