Rules in Rome

Exciting news! My writing friend, Amanda Sowards, has released a new book, The Rules in Rome. Amanda is a WWII historical fiction writer. I’ve read her other three books and loved them, so was super excited to be a part of her blog tour today! I hope you will sit back and enjoy learning more about her newest work.


With Hitler’s forces firmly entrenched in Europe, countless heroes seek to end the madman’s reign. Bastien Ley is one of the best. Working in Italy for the Office of Strategic Services, he’s been tasked with sabotaging German convoys. When his team kills an officer headed for Rome, the man’s similarity to Bastien is undeniable, and seeing an opportunity to turn the tide of the war, Bastien makes a bold decision: he will assume the dead officer’s identity. He becomes Dietrich, an Iron Cross–wearing German officer—an ideal position from which to infiltrate the Nazi ranks in Rome. To help with his stressful assignment, his superiors send him a reinforcement in the form of the lovely Gracie Begni, an intelligent and eager radio operator with absolutely no undercover experience. Continue reading