Forgetting and Remembering

Forget Me Not

I just read and reviewed these Young Adult books in the Collective Series. The first book, Forget Me Not, was very riveting. Anamae (or Mae) is a normal 17-year-old girl who struggles to get up in time for school, spend time with her best friend, Will, and hang out with her dad since her mother disappeared years ago and they only have each other. But when she touches her mother’s necklace pendant and opens the gift of invisibility, everything she knew to be true is shattered.

She changes her definition of ‘normal’ and unknowingly brings down the wrath of the Collective upon her, a secret society of techno-gurus who run the world incognito through the use of technology that no one else knows about. Mae and her best friend, Will, escape and are taken in by the resistance. That’s where she meets Jax, a hot 18-year-old who confuses and attracts her. This book was Continue reading