Feast upon THIS!

It’s time to do another Award blog post!  June was a crazy, busy month…so my apologies to all the people who gave me awards then.  I wasn’t ignoring you…I just wasn’t around much to do your awards justice.  But I’m back.  Sigh.  My feet are healing and I don’t think I will ever cook again.  Just kidding.  I like to eat…and so does my family.  Since cooking was such a big part of June, I thought I’d theme my award post around it.  Yum! Continue reading

What I will NEVER do!

There are certain things in life that are just too risky, dangerous, or unpleasant to do.  Maybe you have your list.  I have mine.  But before I tell you one thing I will NEVER do, I need to scratch another item off my TO DO list.

I’ve received a few blogger awards over the last couple weeks, and need to accept and pass them on to deserving others.  But first, a joke to start (don’t award shows always start with a joke?):

Why did the chicken cross the road?   Continue reading