Playing for Keeps

I just read this Playing for Keeps and had to share it! First off, the cover is amazing! I love the colors and it just shouts, READ ME! when I look at it. So I did. You should too. Here’s why:

1. The heroine is cute, brash and sassy (in the best kind of way). She’s out to get what she wants–the man of her dreams–and takes advice from other girls to grab his attention, when all she needs to do is just be herself. Most heroines are so sweet and shy and hang back and catch attention that way in stories, but Ty is a realist and knows she has to put herself out there in a big way to get Rocket Rogers’ attention.

2. The hero is arrogant, handsome, talented and the ultimate lady’s man. Ick, right? Wrong! Anthony’s outer confidence is a mask for the wounded inner man he lets no one else see. I really liked him. Continue reading