Saying goodbye to Summer


This is my sentimental ode to Summer (and my subtle slam to winter). Hope you enjoy.

                               Oh, Summer

                   Why did you go by so fast?

I looked out one day and you hit me with a blast

         But then I blinked, and you were gone

                    Just like my favorite song.


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Picture Perfect Poetry

is for Poetry.

And this one is Picture Perfect. It’s called Swan and Shadow by John Hollanders, and mesmerizes me every time I see and read it. It’s not just a poem for your ears, but for your eyes as well. I didn’t want to type it…I’d make too many mistakes and you wouldn’t have a Picture Perfect Poem then of a a swan and its reflection, but probably more like a T-Rex eating a goat, which would just be wrong. Continue reading

Magic in a Moment

P1030971Life is made up of moments…lots of them. We flit about like bees (if bees flit) from one activity to the next…but how many of these moments are magical to us?

Today I have a guest poem by my friend’s daughter, Gabbi. I love this poem’s message. When I read it, it touched me a lot, and I wanted to share. Gabbi hit the truth right on the crayon’s head!

Read it and see if you agree.

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scouts tuba 029My 12-year-old son changed instruments this year. He used to play the trumpet…but now is a mighty TUBA player. That ranks right up there next to Jedi Master!

To mix up my posts and give the WordPress Writing Challenge a whirl, I thought I’d do a poem in honor of my son and my new made-up Holiday…


Sit back, close your eyes (except when you have to open them to read this Tuba-licious poem), and enjoy the power of rhyme…and tubas. Continue reading