Take Your Dog To Work…or not!

Joyinthemoments.comOn the 23rd, is Take Your Dog to Work Day.  Since I work at both a real office and a home office, I decided not to stress my dog out and drive into town.  I introduced her to the workplace in a nice, mellow fashion–at home.

First, in order to make her feel legit, I forced some glasses on Ginger.  I didn’t want her to feel like a dog.  I wanted her to feel like a valuable, contributing member of my office…one I could depend on and turn to for help when the deadline is looming and the phone is ringing.

She grinned and bared it (her teeth, that is).  Ginger didn’t really like dressing up for the job, but I insisted.  I didn’t want her goofing off, and the glasses seemed to make her more sophisticated—not just a dumb blonde. Continue reading