Please pass the crumpets…I mean books.

Night Owl Romance Web Hunt

I’ve got a special reader treat for you.

I’m one of the sponsors of the Night Owl Romance “A Tea Party & Books” Scavenger Hunt that starts in 5 days. Do a happy dance!
The goal of this event is to help you find some great new books over the next month. There are 36 authors featured, and $900 in prizes that will be awarded. Click on the graphic above to go to Night Owl’s Site and see how the scavenger/rafflecopter works. You’ll click on which books you want to do and answer a question from its blurb for points. You can do as many (or few) book entries as you want for more chances to win.

The grand prize is a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

Wow! Yea! Pick me! Pick me! (That’s what I hear you saying, and I agree). I’ve worked with Night Owl Romance in the past, and they put on some fun giveaways.
Event Dates: Feb 15 – Mar 8
I’ll put up a reminder post when it starts so you can go try to win some money. Yeehaw! Ooops, I guess this is a Tea Party, so Please pass the crumpets, I mean. 🙂