Blog Beginnings

FRESHI love new beginnings!

Every time a new year begins, I feel like I can make a fresh start as I think of ways to improve, things to learn, and actions to do.

Even though I’ve blogged for 4 years, I gravitated to the lazy side last year (for which I will hang my head in shame). But for the new year, I decided to get a wee bit crazy (and by a bit, I mean an itsy-bitsy millimeter or two on the wild side; I shoot BIG!).

To keep my blog well-rounded (like the scrumptious orange), I created some awesome new Continue reading

2013–Think Big

happy new yearIt’s that time again! Last year when I started my blog, I made BIG goals. They were so big I don’t think I can outdo them…so I’ll just report on how I did and say ditto (try again in 2013).

  1. Clean out my garage. Good news! I did two shelves instead of one. I am on my way to garage cleanliness (if only my college daughters would stop dumping their priceless junk Continue reading

Party Animal

It was a wild, wild New Year’s for Ginger!

First off, the neighbors did firecrackers starting at about 8pm, which sent her into a full blown panic!

Ginger:  Help!  The world is ending!  The world is ending!  It’s 2012 and I hear explosions which means I’m going to die!  I’m not ready to die! I had a whole life of sniffing poop ahead of me.  I really didn’t want that to end!  Help me!  Someone!  Mommy! [that’s me], have mercy on me and let me hide under your feet under the computer desk!  Please…as a last request? Continue reading

2012 BIG Goals!

Time to make a bunch of goals you won’t ever follow through on, right?  RIGHT!

I’ve decided to have fun with this…and go ALL OUT!  So here are my new year’s goals!  Read them and weep!

  1. Clean out my garage (I know this goal will at least get me started in the right direction.  I might get one shelf cleaned off before my New Year’s energy fizzles away on Jan. 11th)
  2. Lose 200 pounds.  (Think BIG, right!  I will be in the negative digits, but those are REAL numbers according to my past math teachers) Continue reading