Ghostly voices, murder, and Puritans

Just got done with another great book. I love reading. It’s the ultimate relaxation for me, and when I read a story that connects and makes me smile for some reason (it’s funny, breathtakingly romantic, interesting setting, vivid characters, or tragic in a way that I can’t stop thinking about), then I want to tell everyone about it.

Now, I understand, both as a reader and a writer, that everyone has VERY unique tastes. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve highly recommended a book to someone and then read their so-so review on Goodreads and been a bit disheartened. But I understand…because others have loved books that I couldn’t get into and thought were blah. Continue reading

The Mystery of the Valentine TP Phantom

Česky: Toaletní papír English: Toilet paper Es...

I woke up to a ‘special’ surprise Valentine’s morning.  My whole living room was toilet papered–doorways, tables, furniture, light fixtures–it was all wrapped up like a mummy.  Wow!

Truthfully, my first thought was, Oh, man!  I’m going to have to clean this up!  And that turned out to be true.

So who was the Valentine TP Phantom?  I knew my 1st daughter hadn’t done it (she’s away at college).  I asked my 2nd daughter.  She vehemently denied it (but she’s mischievous, so I was still suspicious). Continue reading