Get a Life–Pi does

Life of Pi

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Today is Pi Day…3.14 (and to be even more specific, at 1:59 p.m. today, it will be 3.14159.  And I could draw out Pi to the seconds and get even more fanatical, but I won’t.  Please thank me in the comment section and leave donations!)

Pi is a number that makes mathematicians happy.  When you add an E to it, PIE makes ME happy.  But back to Pi.  In honor of this mathematically genius day, I’m reviewing the Life of Pi by Yann Martel.  I never knew Pi had a life…but once I did, I ran right out and bought his book.

I read this quite a while ago (and my long-term memory is ZILCH when it comes to remembering details), so forgive my bare-bones review.  Pi is a Super Agent.  He can leap over small buildings in a single bound or equation…he can rip tigers throats out before they do the same to him…he is one crazy number fiend!  Pi gets on a boat Continue reading