A Valentine’s Treat

Goats, mustaches, and singing highwaymen. That’s an odd combination for Valentine’s, but somehow it works in Anya Wylde’s new whimsical, madcap regency book, Penelope. The book cover sets the tone with these words:

“It is monstrously unfair that whenever a girl needs her wits about her, she goes and does something completely idiotic. Penelope was that sort of girl.”

If you like witty words, funny twists and lighthearted romances, this book is a great one to keep in mind for the month of love. You can’t top goats, unless you buy your beloved a burial plot (see Dianne’s blog).

Miss Penelope Fairweather is a country bumpkin who has been invited by her dead mother’s best friend, the dowager of Blackthorne, Continue reading