Loving Light

L is for Light.

I Love Light’s role in our Lives. Each day, the sun sends rays from millions of miles away to touch our world and give Life. Without Light, our world would be nothing but a dark, cold barren place.

Besides giving Life, I Love how Light makes the world a more enjoyable place. I Love the artistic play of Light on people, places and things. Continue reading

Pain—God’s Megaphone

Hawaii_2 060

Today’s post is a little more serious than my normal ones.  One of my big reasons for starting this blog was to create a place where those who feel pain can come for comfort…and also for smiles and laughter.  Life is for joy…I truly believe that; but one can’t know joy unless he experiences pain.

In 2003 a tragic event touched my family’s life.  Remember my willow tree post?  Well, this about cut us to the ground.  My brother-in-law committed suicide.  I’d lost loved ones before, but suicide was like a knife to the heart—gouging out all happiness.  We were sucked into a cave of doom and gloom and couldn’t reach the light. Continue reading