If you like Chocolate…this post is for you

Award time again. I’m so slow at accepting these that I hope the bloggers who give me these awards will not hate me and think I’ve forgotten about them. I haven’t. I just am a blogging award turtle…slow, but steady.

Faith Colburn, a new follower that has a nice midwestern flavor to her blog, gave me the Liebster award. Thanks, Faith.

I will answer her 10 questions and then ask that any of my readers that love chocolate accept this award and answer the questions Continue reading

Don’t forget the papyrus

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I wonder when string tied around a finger began symbolizing a need to remember something. Maybe it started way back in Egyptian times when some queen took a piece of papyrus and tied it around her little finger as an ornament. Some scribe happened to see her and PING!…

…The light in his head went off, and he suddenly remembered that he had forgotten to take the papyrus pulp out of the water where it was soaking to make parchment for the pharaoh.

He ran back to the Nile and Continue reading